Google’s next-level chatbot Al

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Google recently unveiled its new chatbot Al at its keynote. Al is a next-level chatbot by all means. Al can make phone calls on your behalf, book salon appointments or make restaurant reservations. Google’s demo was stunning, not only because the reservation worked perfectly, but because of how human the chatbot sounded. The person on the other line didn’t even realize that she was not talking to a real person. The question is, how would this person feel, if she knew she was talking to a chatbot? What does it mean for the world, when robots start flooding our phone lines?

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Katharina is an editor at 1000Trends. She studied Communication Science (B.A.) in Stuttgart and San Francisco and Marketing Management (M.Sc.) in Nuremberg. For 1,5 years she was part of the marketing team of Mercedes-Benz and is now digital consultant at Banauten.

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