Author Markus Merkle

Markus is the founder of He is the specialist for all digital, social and data related topics - always looking for the next big thing. In addition, he worked in the Social Media and Digital Dialogue Team of Mercedes-Benz. He studied Communication Science (MSc) and lives in Stuttgart.

What was trending in 2017 on Google?

Although we analyze trends every day, we’re really wondering about some of the search terms on Google with a high spike in traffic. In Germany, many people asked “What is G20?” or “Why should I…

CES-Trend: Virtual assistants in the car

Virtual assistants are the next generation of search engines. The big car-makers BMW, Mercedes-Benz or car suppliers like Bosch have already recognised the trend. In future car information shall be retrievable via Alexa or via…

The Top 2018 Trends from A to Z

What could be trending in 2018? The trend aggregation platform took a look into the future. Which travel destination, which technical innovation and which changes in society are ahead of us? Die answers from…

KLM launches Tinder for travelling

Is this the new Tinder for finding a travel partner? There’s nothing better for travelling with your best friends. But deciding the destination is no picnic. With the new KLM “Destination Matchfinder” you can tell…

21 new potential jobs of the future

Based on economic and commercial trends, Cognizant, an IT services firm identified 21 new jobs that could reasonably exist in the future. For example, “chief trust officer” or “man-machine teaming manager”. Interesting summary with clear illustrations…

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