Author Markus Merkle

Markus is the founder of He is the specialist for all digital, social and data related topics - always looking for the next big thing. In addition, he worked in the Social Media and Digital Dialogue Team of Mercedes-Benz. He studied Communication Science (MSc) and lives in Stuttgart.

AR upgrade for your windscreen

The Swiss start-up WayRay won the innovation competition at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Alibaba-backed augmented reality start-up makes driving look like a video. See yourself!

Sixt offers first E-Mobility flatrate

Sixt Leasing offers in cooperation with BMW and Yello Strom an e-mobility flat rate. Private customers can order BMW i3 “E-Mobility Edition” from 249,00 Euro per month. The only snag: The car has a Yello…

Dankse Bank: real-time scam detection

The Danske Bank has developed an AI-platform to detect scam in real-time. They use machine-based learning with thousands of hidden characteristics to analyse millions of online bank transactions in real-time. With this new technology, they reduced…

Disrupts Spotify the entire music industry?

Spotify brings the music industry to tremble. With its new programme Rise, they promote hand-picked emerging artists. So Spotify is no longer just a streaming service. They are now a discovery platform, talent incubator and…

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