Author Markus Merkle

Markus is the founder of He is the specialist for all digital, social and data related topics - always looking for the next big thing. In addition, he worked in the Social Media and Digital Dialogue Team of Mercedes-Benz. He studied Communication Science (MSc) and lives in Stuttgart.

Walmart testing in-fridge delivery

Maybe you are familiar using a delivery service like Seamless, UberEats or Foodora. But would you use Walmarts new in-fridge delivery service? The delivery driver put the groceries straight to your fridge – when you’re…

AirBnB success story: Lessons learned

Six years ago, Airbnb employed only eight engineers. Now they are a well-known room sharing giant. The former director of Product @Airbnb, Jonathan Golden, outlines how they managed their exponential scaling – by permanently analyzing…

Salat-Drive-In is trending in the USA

Fast food drive-ins are popular.The food is cheap, fast and delicious. But it’s not healthy! A new franchise will change this. “Salat and Go” is a Salat-Drive-In and has already 13 locations in Arizona. They…

New search engine for mobility

The Seattle start-up Migon has launched a new transportation search engine. The App can display services like Lyft or car2go in realtime incl. payment integration. Uber and ReachNow will follow soon. Bringing the services together…

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