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The world’s first robot-made burger is here

Robots are hitting the food industry! The culinary robotics company Creator introduced the world’s first robot-crafted burger that rolled off a conveyor belt in San Francisco. The burger machine will grind your beef for you, cook it,…

Smart blanket for the perfect sleep

The Startup Smartduvet developed a temperature adjustable blanket through crowdfunding. You can preheat or cool your bed via their native app to get your ideal sleeping temperature. The blanket allows the temperature to be set individually…

US Army develops coffee app

A research center of the US Army has developed an app that tells you your ideal dosage of caffeine to maximize your alertness. They developed a software that learns people’s individual physiology and the algorithm…

KLM launches Tinder for travelling

Is this the new Tinder for finding a travel partner? There’s nothing better for travelling with your best friends. But deciding the destination is no picnic. With the new KLM “Destination Matchfinder” you can tell…

21 new potential jobs of the future

Based on economic and commercial trends, Cognizant, an IT services firm identified 21 new jobs that could reasonably exist in the future. For example, “chief trust officer” or “man-machine teaming manager”. Interesting summary with clear illustrations…

Walmart testing in-fridge delivery

Maybe you are familiar using a delivery service like Seamless, UberEats or Foodora. But would you use Walmarts new in-fridge delivery service? The delivery driver put the groceries straight to your fridge – when you’re…

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