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Google’s next-level chatbot Al

Google recently unveiled its new chatbot Al at its keynote. Al is a next-level chatbot by all means. Al can make phone calls on your behalf, book salon appointments or make restaurant reservations. Google’s demo…

Can drones plant 1 billion trees?

The world loses about 48 football fields of forest every minute. In a year, 15 billion trees are chopped down due to mining and agriculture industry. One of the biggest drivers of deforestation is the…

When will robots overtake humans?

When will be the time robots will outperform humans? Image a robot writing your school essay or actually a New York Times bestseller. Even imagine a robot doing your heart surgery. This forecast by the…

AR upgrade for your windscreen

The Swiss start-up WayRay won the innovation competition at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Alibaba-backed augmented reality start-up makes driving look like a video. See yourself!

Dankse Bank: real-time scam detection

The Danske Bank has developed an AI-platform to detect scam in real-time. They use machine-based learning with thousands of hidden characteristics to analyse millions of online bank transactions in real-time. With this new technology, they reduced…

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