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The world’s first robot-made burger is here

Robots are hitting the food industry! The culinary robotics company Creator introduced the world’s first robot-crafted burger that rolled off a conveyor belt in San Francisco. The burger machine will grind your beef for you, cook it,…

Smart blanket for the perfect sleep

The Startup Smartduvet developed a temperature adjustable blanket through crowdfunding. You can preheat or cool your bed via their native app to get your ideal sleeping temperature. The blanket allows the temperature to be set individually…

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Facebook brings game shows and polls into their live videos


Facebook announced to make their live videos more interactive with new functions such as game shows, polls and subscriptions. Video hosts can ask viewers to vote and give their opinion on different topics or give the audience a series of questions for which there’s only one correct answer, and participants are eliminated if they give the wrong answer. Online videos are traditionally dominated by YouTube. Will Facebook break into the game with its new features?