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On point: Our keynotes & talks about trends and digital transformation will be remembered.

Our keynotes and talks about trends and digitalization show the future. We are talking about the “Digital life in 2050”, about “Digital transformation and leadership in companies”, “Smart, AR & KI Technologies”, “Meta-Trends” and much more. Our speakers have profound experience in their fields. They inform, entertain and show technology live on stage. Listen to our inspiring talks and get new insights and ideas for your business domain.

The keynotes and talks are right for you, if…

  • you want to push the idea of digital transformation forward
  • you want to inspire your audience with interesting knowledge & and valuable practical advice
  • you want to look into the future and want to know what the next big things are
  • you want to enable your customers or employees to get a feeling for business innovations
  • you are interested in new trends, goods, technologies and social change

With our keynotes and talks, you will learn…

  • about trends, digitization, digital transformation, digital life and technology
  • how digitization will change our daily life and society
  • which technologies are important and how they work
  • why established business models and companies are in danger
  • with which methods you can adopt new trends and innovations for your business

Are you interested in our keynotes and trend talks?

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