Trend Journeys

Be inspired by a business trip to Silicon Valley.

The hotspot for tech companies: Silicon Valley. However, meanwhile not only the big four Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are located there. Many startups and high tech companies are based in Silicon Valley. We take you and your team to a trip into this area, organize meetings and workshops with interesting companies and start-ups and show you around. Feel the spirit, learn more about new technologies and services of tomorrow and get a feeling for the future. Furthermore, we organize journeys to the new hotspots Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

The trend journey is right for you, if…

  • you are interested in new trends, technologies, innovations and experiences
  • you want to feel the spirit of Silicon Valley or others
  • you want to stay up-to-date and want to learn from other tech companies
  • you want to push the idea of digital transformation forward in your team and company
  • you are CEO, executing in the marketing or responsible for business innovation and digital transformation

With the trend journey, you will learn…

  • about diverse technologies, start-ups, prototypes, patents, business innovations and trends
  • how you can adopt new trends, methods, and innovations for your products and services
  • to get a deeper understanding of the spirit in Silicon Valley
  • how leading tech companies are working
  • to get a feeling of the future

Are you interested in our trend journey?

Stephen Reuß
Head of Business Innovation & Jetsetter
+49 7127 799 233 1

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